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Sarika Jain is a leader in love strategy and coaching. She’s been called a “Relationship Sorceress” and a modern-day alchemist. Sarika has dedicated her professional life to helping savvy and successful women heal their relationship with their inner selves and get on the path to finding love that lasts. Her unique approach encompasses everything from uncovering relationship patterns to practicing yoga, all with the goal of allowing women to live the lives they’ve dreamed about – the lives they deserve. Sarika can reach clients like no one else because she has been where they are!


Now she has designed a course that condenses her methods into just six weeks. Six weeks of real tips and real results.

And you and your audience have the chance to be a part of it.


The Sacred Soulmate System is an innovative program that delivers value-packed love coaching to bright and successful women,

Sarika’s methods work. She has the unique ability to be more than a relationship coach – she is also a spiritual healer who knows that women need to be happy and fulfilled in themselves before they can attract their perfect partner.


The truth is, there are a lot of programs out there aimed at finding “the one.”
But these days, SELF-LOVE is the fastest path to shared love, and this program covers BOTH.


These are women who aren’t used to failure, and who won’t settle for mediocrity. They will continue to strive for what they want out of life.

In short, these are women YOU WANT ON YOUR LIST.

(And did I mention your participation as a JV Contributor is 100% FREE!?)

Let’s Get Started…

Details about the opportunity:
  • This course is an Evergreen product (meaning, it is available all year round), and I have specific promotional periods throughout the year. The next partner promotion period will start April 9th, and end on April 23rd, 2017. 
  • We’re offering partners an affiliate commission of 50% for the course, and 25% for the VIP upgrade, so you would receive commissions ranging from $250 – $450 (net processing fees) per sale
  • Because it’s Evergreen, your affiliate ID will be tagged for a year in our system – anytime a person you referred purchases the course, you will receive the commission. The sooner you sell a program, the sooner you will receive a commission.


All of our partners are sending their audience our powerful and popular Soulmate Assessment. This assessment reveals to women their Goddess archetype, the corresponding strengths and the misguided signals they may be sending to men.


We are asking that each JV partner sends at least TWO solo emails promoting the either the freebie (e.g. the Soulmate Assessment) and the online course. To help in making the promotion as easy as possible, we will provide the sample e-mails / SM links for you to share with your list-serve and community.


For every purchase that is linked to you, you will receive 50% of the course, or 25% of the VIP upgrade if available (you will earn between $250 – $450, minus processing fees).

One more thing: Because this program is a structured, self-study program about self love, clearing one’s love blocks, and creating new positive habits, it would be a great complement to a healing/spiritual counseling/therapy practice – you could even create a personalized program WITH the course!

Here are some words from past clients of Sarika’s:

I am 38 years old, and have been single for a long time. Before the course, I had trouble dealing with men and dating. Although I’ve done a lot of reading around relationships, limiting beliefs – I didn’t know where my blocks came from.  I kept inviting the same types of men into my life, and things would always end the same way – they would disappear! It left me frustrated and brokenhearted. I wondered, “Maybe it’s something I’m doing?” I’ve followed every dating coach out there, and energy healing courses – and tons of Google searches! Thank goodness I was drawn to do this course with Sarika – I’ve gained so much from it. 

Overall I feel more at peace and happier than I did 6 weeks ago. If I hadn’t gone through it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it! I’m a skeptical New Yorker – seeing is believing. I’ve seen a difference in myself – and even my family, friends, colleagues see a difference – they don’t know what it is, but something’s different about me!

With men, I’m more open, and can express my needs, wants and feelings a lot better than before. I feel empowered and more confident. I’ve even attracted 2 great men (including an Ex) over the last 6 weeks!

If you are ready to take the next step into discovering who you really are, and putting an end to your behaviors because of limiting beliefs, and loving yourself – I recommend this course 100%!

Jeannette, NYC

After doing Sarika’s program, I met the man of my dreams and we got engaged in 2 months! In this field, Sarika’s the best at what she does!
Ellie, NYC

As a divorced, yet successful woman, I was getting frustrated in my dating life. I was drawn to Sarika due to her strong skills in helping close the ‘Ex Files’ – and I’m glad I did! Not only did I feel happier and lighter on the inside, I learn new skills on how to date online (with an amazing profile) … and I met even better quality men than before. Now, I’m dating a man who is crazy about me… and it feels right on every level. I’m so grateful to Sarika’s teachings & support!
Nikol, NYC

This is an easy opportunity to earn some affiliate cash AND to be a part of a beautiful love story.

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