Dear Radiant Woman, 

I’m glad you’re here. Because in being here, you’ve inched one step closer to declaring to the universe that it’s time to send you your man!

Here’s the truth.

Women value connection – we want to be heard, loved, respected, ADORED. And when it comes to finding a life partner, we want that connection to occur on a soul level, to experience a bond that is deep and everlasting.

But today, with packed calendars and a VAST and overwhelming digital world, finding that kind of relationship can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Plus, you may be busy building your career, burnt out from a romantic past full of disappointments, or just plain fed up with the online dating world, the “bar scene” and all of the other things that are supposed to work!

Because of all this, you may be feeling disconnected with yourself… you may even be losing touch with who you really are which makes the dating process even more challenging.

But a love that fulfills you on every level – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual –  CAN be found if you’re willing to seek it out.

If you’re fed up with settling for less than the best…



Then You Are Ready to Attract ‘the One’… the wise, FEMININE, powerful way.


“I want you to know that true, fulfilling and loving partnership is possible for you – and you deserve it!”

If you could wave a magic wand and manifest your ideal partnership and lifestyle, what would it look like? (It’s okay – just indulge in the possibilities even if they seem impossible!)

  • You wake up each morning next to someone who is happy and excited to be with you, feeling like they’ve won the lottery and they’re getting the ‘better part of the bargain’ (here’s the twist – you feel the same!)

  • Your partner is someone who understands, accepts and loves you for who you are, is your number one champion, and with whom you feel safe and cherished
  • You feel happy & fulfilled each day, with a career and partnership that’s passionate and purpose-filled, yet grounding 
  • You feel like you’re inspired and growing in every way together

  • You glow with immense self-confidence and magnetism, knowing that you’re attracting healthy & joyful relationships and opportunities into your life
  • You make spontaneous trips with your ‘best buddy’ to romantic places like Paris, and spend the day relaxing, wining & dining, chatting, people-watching, laughing and discovering new things
  • And… You have the choice to start a family when you’re ready, with a supportive, responsible and like-minded partner

“Sounds too good to be true? It’s not! How to know if you’re READY to open your heart, and attract the happy partnership you deserve…”

If you’re like many of my clients, you may be feeling…

 Exhausted from feeling unhappy, especially from past painful relationships and sleepless nights of anxiety and stress

Anxious and frustrated about not knowing if you will EVER meet the one – and if you will be able to find him in time to start a family

Tired of your self-doubt and low self-esteem, and disappointed with your lack-lustre dating life

Confused about why you’re still single, and what you’re doing wrong; and sick of relying on luck and traditional dating advice

Stuck in a rut & uninspired, as you’re too busy with your career, & have no idea how to get out there and meet quality, grounded & like-minded men (that you’re attracted to!)

Lonely, as most of your friends are busy with their own partners & families and you’re sick of being 3rd wheel

How can YOU make the transition to releasing these soul-sucking dating patterns – and becoming a confident, successful and fearless dater, in just a few weeks?

I know it seems impossible to go from being stuck, uninspired & disillusioned to actually ENJOYING the dating process, meeting great men, and glowing with happiness & confidence!

As I’ve learned from personal experience – it IS possible and easier than you think when you have the right guidance and mentorship – someone who has paved the path for you.

The “Sacred Soulmate System” online course is an exclusive & powerful course designed to support ambitious, purpose-driven women in taking the right steps to break through painful relationship patterns, learn new love & dating skills and create a fresh possibility for attracting one’s soulmate.

The course is a proven, step-by-step journey where you will clear your inner blocks, free your mind, get rid of your self-criticism and learn how to date in a wise, feminine, powerful way – while saving time, energy and heartache.

It’s amazing what one attracts when one becomes completely Irresistible to healthy, joyful love.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

When you awaken your Feminine Power

When your heart is open and you feel ecstatic

… You turn on your LOVE MAGNETISM.

Love, abundance and miracles begins to flow to you.

When you love yourself completely, believe in your self-worth, and have TOTAL CONFIDENCE, then you WILL attract your soulmate.

But why listen to me?

If you think it’s because I’ve always had the answers you’re wrong!

But I did find those answers. The hard way.



What makes one person right for another has long fascinated me. Over the last fifteen years, I’ve been growing and evolving in my approach to love and relationships. I studied almost every book and system about dating and ‘how to attract and keep a guy’, and began coaching women in in 2008 (outside of my corporate job!) in finding their life partners. Many of my clients met and married amazing men.

Even though I was beautiful and confident from the outside, deep inside, I was insecure about my age and my biological clock, and was anxious to meet Mr. Right. Being Indian and the oldest of three daughters, I was almost desperate to find my mate.  I was also my own worst critic – I thought it was normal.  

I thought I had it all figured out…until the man I was engaged to broke up with me within a month of our engagement.

He told me that I was controlling, distant with my loved ones, insecure and untrustworthy. It was a tremendous blow to my ego, and I was completely blindsided.

As you can imagine, I was also devastated and heartbroken. 

That night, I heard a voice in my heart that said, “I need spiritual healing.”

Where did that come from? What did it mean?

I had no clue. But divine intervention struck, and the very next day I met a spiritual coach who told me that I was a “magnet for heartbreak”. My heart and sacral chakras were blocked.


She gave me an assessment that actually showed me: 

Why I kept attracting emotionally unavailable men.

Why I kept attracting relationships that ended in drama and heartbreak.

Why I went between being a doormat to a bitch in my relationship.

If I didn’t begin to release my inner blocks, I would keep attracting the same type of relationship patterns over and over in my life.

Apparently, I had too much baggage and too many limiting beliefs around what I could and should be doing with my life – including my partnership. I attracted the wrong types of men due to these blocks, plus I had a tendency for sabotaging good relationships.

It was true – I had no trouble meeting and dating great men (sometimes even for years!) – but each relationship ended in heartbreak.

My smart, successful path had helped me in my career, but I hadn’t really learned how to truly love myself, or how to attract and keep a lasting relationship that I was worthy of and deserved (apparently, I was settling in my love life!).

I decided I needed to focus on myself for a while. I dove into praying in churches, self-love, and begin healing on multiple levels, especially from the breakup.

I emerged from that time more empowered than ever, with a clear vision of what, and who, I wanted out of life.

I awakened to my ancient Feminine Power – which had been lying dormant – and it began to to flow through me!

I became irresistible, and oozing with self-confidence and magnetism. I began to feel truly alive and sexy, connected to my intuition and my authenticity, and TURNED ON by my life. I knew that I was being divinely guided and supported.

I started dating again, and this time – even better quality men reached out to me online and wherever I went!

Within 3 months, I met Krishan. 

We fell in love in a mindful, joyful way that I hadn’t experienced with previous men, and we grew together in the dating process. I realized that I could date men without struggle – just by unleashing my fun, free, magnetic self!

By the time he proposed, I simply knew with all my heart that this man was truly my life partner. And this time, my self-defeating patterns didn’t get in the way of turning it into a REAL relationship.

It was pure synchronicity that we met. I know that I would have missed him had my body, mind and spirit not been in alignment when he entered my life. 

If you’re ready to start attracting your own Extraordinary Love, then I invite you to join this sacred journey…

specifically intended for smart and successful women who are READY to attract their soulmate.

This is DEFINITELY for you if:

  • You keep meeting the ‘same man’ over and over – the men you meet are emotionally unavailable, not masculine enough, or don’t want to commit.
  • You’ve always believed that it takes ACTION to get results.
  • You want to lead a more powerful and authentic life, in general.
  • You love yourself enough to put time, money and energy into getting exactly what you want out of this one life.
  • You aren’t afraid to unleash the wild, passionate, loving woman within.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You believe that destiny is just something that happens to you, with no action your part.
  • You’re not ready to totally lean into your feminine power, your sexuality and warrior woman within.
  • You don’t feel that your happiness is a worthy investment.
  • Your love life is not your top priority.

Give yourself this gift.

By the time the course ends, you’ll have everything you need to have the passionate, amazing relationship you so deserve.

Invest in your own happiness.

Love is not an extravagance.


Maybe for you, love is a major dream, a worthy goal, a NECESSITY.


You want what you want.

And you don’t typically fail.


So if sharing your life with a gorgeous, caring, amazing man is at the top of your wish-list, do it right.


Take CHARGE of the journey.

I tried dating unsuccessfully for many years – online, friends, communities, I even let my parents set me up a couple of times. I never found what I was looking for. I felt stuck and ready to give up.

I attended a workshop with Sarika (honestly questioning whether any of it would work) and tried some of her techniques, and just two weeks later I met an amazing man online. I’m excited to share that we’re celebrating one year together, and it’s been such an incredible journey. I didn’t know that love could feel this way, and I feel so nurtured and so happy. 

I realized that I was approaching dating in a masculine way and was blocking myself in ways that I couldn’t see.

Sarika brings so much depth, wisdom and fresh perspective and has done so much inner work as a modern woman. She truly has a gift and knows what it takes to find and create love. If you’re an open-minded, smart, successful woman, she can help you find ‘The One’ and achieve the love you want.

(P.S. We’re now married and parents to a beautiful girl and lead couples’ workshops for others – and I couldn’t be happier!)

Sunaina Chugani

Professor of Marketing


checkmark-30How to be a Magnet for Love & master the art of dating quality men effectively as a modern, busy woman

checkmark-30Learn skills to attract & keep your dream relationship and stop wasting time on Mr. Wrong

checkmark-30Change those self-defeating relationship patterns once and for all

checkmark-30Learn the art of loving yourself and get rid of your self-judgment – YOU are MORE THAN ENOUGH!

checkmark-30Release your hidden blocks to love (You may not even KNOW how you’ve been sabotaging your chances at love)

checkmark-30Understand men’s psychology – and how to be wiser while navigating the dating process (You will be able to actually translate a man’s thoughts by the end of this! No more guessing games!)



Join Sacred Soulmate System Now.

You may even want to go deeper by upgrading to the VIP package. In addition to access to the eight-week course, I’ll help you gain further clarity through one-on-one private coaching sessions.

Your Investment

Sacred Soulmate System

8-week Online Course + Recorded Q&A Calls + Exclusive Bonuses

$300 (valued at $5,997)

(Note: To make payment easier, you may apply for PayPal credit with 0% interest for 6 months)

VIP “Sacred Soulmate System” Upgrade

8-week Online Course + Recorded Q&A Calls + 2 60-minute coaching calls Sarika Jain + Exclusive Bonuses

$1,270 (valued at $19,997) 

Real, (R)evolutionary women… real, lasting results:

After doing Sarika’s program, I met the man of my dreams and we got engaged in 2 months! In this field, Sarika’s the best at what she does.

Ellie Shepley, 29, NYC

CEO, Wellness Warriors

Thanks to the course, I met and married a man who blows my mind – there is no way I could have been ready for a relationship like this!

I’m 38, divorced, have a 5 year old son and am a psychologist. Surprisingly, my son inspired my desire for transformation and be my most healthy, feminine self.

Before the course, I was always in unhealthy relationships. It was because of my unhealthy relationship with myself – I pretty much had no self-compassion, self-love, kindness for myself, and held onto self-punishment and a sense of unworthiness. As a result, I would hold on to relationships that didn’t serve, including my marriage, which weren’t best for me and didn’t match my values and morals.

It’s been incredible, the change I felt during the course! I can feel myself opening, and things releasing. I’ve had subtle, daily, immense awareness – like some kind of veil has been lifted! I can really see where my struggles were. I started giving love to myself and opened to receiving healthy love and changed how I treat myself. The course talked about techniques and strategies for looking at my blocks – reminders of self love and opening up to the feminine. I’ve been waiting for my inner woman to blossom!

I have met some wonderful men, and have been having more loving, kind, erotic and romantic dates. Moreover, I’ve caught myself whenever I’ve needed to in terms of blocks – and ending relationships early if it wasn’t best for me.

Just recently I’ve met a man who blows my mind – there is no way I could have been ready for a relationship like this!  I have never received love like this before – for someone to want to give, genuinely – just because he thinks I’m beautiful, kind and deserving! I can now accept his love with with grace. I can even catch my blocks, and I’m like a new person in this relationship. I’m also reaching new depths, in terms of my love for my son. 

I’m so grateful to this course for helping me step into my most authentic, feminine, loving self!

Nancy F

New York City, NY

After a 15 year marriage, and getting back on the dating scene, I felt stuck. Through Sarika’s program, and her unique process for closing one’s Ex Files, I finally had a breakthrough in dating. Quality men began reaching out to me online, and I felt confident, feminine and empowered! Now I’m married to my best friend, my partner-in-crime 🙂

Nikol R, 41, NYC


I attracted a man while doing this course – and we’re still going strong! Moreover, an ex came back saying he wanted a ‘fresh start’ – talk about abundance 🙂 My advice: if you’re ready to experience a massive shift in your love life – don’t wait another moment and start the course today!

I started the course knowing that I needed a drastic change in my love life and I’d already done as much ‘inner work’ as I could. I was frustrated with attracting men that only wanted ‘one thing’.

I am just amazed in how I have changed in the last 6 weeks – I can’t even begin to describe it. I am radiating with so much love and worthiness! Even my parents, colleagues (and men) have noticed. I get compliments all the time now.

If you’re ready to take the next step into discovering who you really are, and putting an end to your sabotaging behaviors and limiting beliefs, and loving yourself – I recommend this course 100%!

Jeanette L, 38, NYC

Manager at tech company

After doing the course, I have started radiating and getting attention wherever I go. Even the quality of men I’ve been attracting is so much better! If you want a refresh in your mindset and dating experience – then this course is for you.

Prior to the course I was barely dating. I was on online dating sites, but rarely received any messages from any quality dates.

The biggest take away from the course is opening up my heart to love. As a result so many good things have happened for me during this course – starting with getting a lot more attention from people in general. From people at the grocery store, to coworkers, and then finally guys. I don’t think I have ever had so many people giving me so much attention or actually investing time into me and it’s been a really good feeling. I even switched to a better-paying job, and my new employer liked me so much that they offered my sister a job (she was unemployed for 8 years!).

Moreover, I’ve been dating a lot more recently and the quality of the men I’ve been attracting has increased as well! 

This course has been transformative in terms of opening me in terms of truly learning to receive love and abundance.

Jennifer M, 38, Washington, D.C.

Manager at government agency

I finally cracked the code on my dating life – and found out why I was pushing away potentially great men. I feel a sense of lightness, confidence and happiness after the course – and so much more possibility in every part of my life!

I’ve always felt that I attract the wrong men – it was rare to find one that excited me. The only time I found myself interested is when he was “hard to get”.

Since the course, so much has changed! Weight has been lifted off my shoulders – not only related to dating, but in all aspects of life. Now, I am much more comfortable in my skin, I am focusing more on myself instead of only the needs of others. I realized that with dating, I was the problem – not men. I was putting too much pressure on the process and looking for the negatives in a man.

I have been practicing tremendous self love am releasing that need for perfection – in myself and everyone I meet. I feel a sense of empowerment in every part of my life. It feels great! 

Mrina V, 34, Houston



Here are the outcomes you’ll celebrate after the course…

  • You are dating and loving with unshakable confidence, and you are magnetic to healthy, loving relationships… and ‘The One’!

  • You begin to fall in love with yourself and you’re free of all those pesky thoughts of self-doubt and judgement

  • You feel an irresistible sense of happiness and excitement about what life has in store for you – your ex may even want to get back with you!

  • You learn to take charge of your emotions, communicate powerfully & compassionately and are able to develop a vulnerable, intimate relationship with ‘the One’ that keeps him wanting more!

  • You’re supported in making the most important decision in your life – choosing the right life partner. You’re clear on what you want and deserve in a relationship!


Weeks 1 & 2: Be a Magnet for Love 

This first lesson will help you restore your faith in love, and strengthen your most important relationship – the one you have with yourself! You’ll open yourself to attracting unconditional love through deep self-care, and begin clearing any limiting belief systems around “unworthiness”. When you’re aligned with yourself, and practice self-love, you become a love magnet!

Weeks 3 & 4: Heal Your Heart & Close Your ‘Ex Files’ 

What we resist, persists. To move forward, you must uncover your relationship patterns, deal with past wounds, and let them go. Finally achieve peace with your past relationships and gain a sense of inner freedom and control.

“The truth will set you free.”


Week 5: Embrace Your ‘Wow Factor’ 

Time to start aligning your life to the vision and loving relationships you desire. You’ll determine the right partnership for you, and what values and qualities are important to you. Elevate your mindset around deserving and attracting a healthy, and fulfilling relationship. Learn to balance your masculine and feminine sides, and reconnect with your sexy, divine feminine essence.

    Weeks 6 & 7: Prepare for Love

    Today is the day that, through the power of intention, you will begin aligning your life to the healthy relationship you’ve dreamt about. We’ll shift your beliefs, thoughts and habits so that you bring in the loving relationships and opportunities you deserve, synchronistically and naturally.

      Week 8: Date & Love with Unshakable Confidence!

      You’re almost at the finish line now, and ready for the ride of your life! In this module you’ll learn how to finally get the love that you want, without struggle or heartache. Stop wasting time with the wrong men, and learn core dating skills that no one else teaches! Learn how to date in a feminine, authentic and confident way that will make you irresistible. When you’re your authentic, confident, passionate self, love flows naturally and easily.

      Remember, falling in love happens when you trust, have faith, and love yourself FIRST… and when you can let go and be vulnerable. Having the right skills becomes critical to dating, and keeping, the man of your dreams, as they allow you to develop more intimacy, passion and desire.



      Learn the secret keys to a man’s heart by mastering your own psychology! Learn essential and practical relationship skills, get the right guidance and be a part of a supportive community of strong, like-minded women – all at a pace that works for you!

      I have created the Sacred Soulmate System program in 6 convenient virtual training modules that you can access from anywhere – whether you are driving, or even in the office or your living room.

      Each downloadable audio class comes with a guidebook that that is full of visual aids and easy-to-follow exercises. I have even included relaxing and uplifting guided meditations, specially created for this important phase in your journey. The training modules will be available to dive into as soon as you enroll.

      You can do the whole course in 8 weeks, 3 months or a year depending on the pace that feels right to you. By studying almost every great coach and healer out there, and testing all of their techniques, I’ve honed this system to be the most effective, quickest, and easiest way to heal your past, and begin manifesting happiness and love into your life.


      8 weekly course materials, with accompanying 6 60-90 minute recordings and workbooks. Materials (and accompanying assignments) will be e-mailed weekly, and are also available on the course portal. 

      The course is self-study, and can also be done at your own pace.

      Readings, exercises, cheat sheets, affirmations and PDFs in each module. 

      Meditations and healing rituals to support you in releasing blocks and upgrading your love consciousness included.



      I’ve included these information & support systems as BONUSES when you enroll now: 

      Special Bonus #1: Access to past group coaching and Q&A calls ($1,497 value)

      Exclusive access to past recorded Q&A and group coaching sessions that will open your heart, clear your blocks and learn the ins and outs of effective dating. You will learn from other women’s questions and experiences to gain better understanding of your own, and fast track your own transformation in your love life. We share inspiration, meditations and practical relationship and dating advice. The best part is, you get to listen to these sessions at your own pace, while driving and walking around!

      Special Bonus #2: Guided Meditations to help bring you peace and groundedness, while calling in your Soulmate ($997 value)

      Forget searching Youtube for meditations and guided practices.

      We provide a treasure trove of Guided Meditations on Calling in Your Soulmate, Releasing Blocks to Love, Cutting Energetic Cords with Exes and Parents, Embracing Radical Self-Love and more to help activate you and align you to your soulmate, energetically and spiritually.


      Special Bonus #3: Decoding Men

      ($1,497 value)

      During the program, you will become confident, sexy and irresistible to men – by understanding them! No more second-guessing what men mean through their texts, actions and words.

      + “What’s He Thinking?’ – THREE hours of recorded interviews with masculine, grounded men giving you their perspective on love and dating. Men answer your burning questions like: Who pays for dates? What turns you on and off about women? Why do men ghost? How do you know if a woman’s right for you? 

      + 5 Mistakes Women Make in Love and How to Avoid Them (ebook): In this guide, I share all my secrets on how to stop the sabotage and instead turn into your man’s dream woman, while creating chemistry, intimacy and connection. Attract high quality, emotionally available MASCULINE men into your life using these techniques!


      You have a special opportunity to work with me one on one should you choose…

      Delve deeper into your blocks, discover your strengths, and unlock your dreams with the


      What’s included in the VIP Package:

      This is a unique package which includes 2 private sessions with me over whatever time feels right to you to hold you accountable, make profound breakthroughs and deepen the teachings from the Sacred Soulmate System curriculum.

      + Two 60-minute 1:1 sessions to clear your Love Blocks and align you with the relationship of your dreams with Sarika Jain

      + Personalized accountability

      + Access to the “Sacred Soulmate System” course + Bonuses

      + During those 2 sessions, we can review your online dating profile and how to make it irresistible, get an intuitive assessment of your love life or clear deep, hidden blocks that are leading to sabotage in your love life so that you can become a Magnet for Healthy Love.

      VIP Package: $1,270 (Valued at $19,997)

      Be sure to sign up today as spots are limited.

      Are you ready to stop settling and want to finally turn your dreams of finding your soulmate into a reality?

      What clients say about Sarika Jain Coaching…

      If you’re interested in finding partnership, deepening intimacy and embracing love fully – give yourself the gift of doing this program!

      Sarika’s ‘Sacred Soulmate System’ course blends simple yet powerful tools to release the past gracefully so you can make space for your future. Sarika is a generous and loving guide, showing you how to call in your beloved by blending clarity with openess.

      With Sarika’s skillful guidance, questions, and reflection you will gently be supported in unweaving the past and opening to an abundant, loving future. I’ve personally benefited from Sarika’s counsel and highly recommend her program for anyone ready to deepen into love.

      HeatherAsh Amara

      Leading visionary and teacher on feminine empowerment; Author of #1 Bestsellers 'Warrior Goddess Training' and 'The Seven Secrets to Healthy, Happy Relationships"

      When I finished Sarika’s program, I felt light and radiant and built abundant self-love. One month later I met a great guy – positive, caring, responsible and loving! It happened quickly and naturally without drama. It is so rare but real.

      When I finished Sarika’s program, I felt light and radiant and built abundant self-love. After getting back to dating, I noticed I was dating people who are more desirable and compatible in general than before! One month later I met a great guy, positive, caring, responsible and loving. It happened quickly and naturally without drama. It is so rare but real. I started enjoying happiness in a healthy and loving relationship where we both felt that we were becoming a better person after being together.
      Before I met Sarika, I thought I had done almost everything I can to be active, social, forgiving and baggage-free. But on the other hand, I felt stuck and don’t see where and how to make a breakthrough in my personal life. External help is needed, I was telling myself! Sarika’s approach shed light and I decided to be completely open and let her help me see and feel things I haven’t done before. Her approaches help me detox my hidden baggage, nurture myself, balance my feminine and masculine energy. If you want to have a breakthrough in your love life, give yourself and her a chance!
      Jin H., NYC

      Senior Manager at Fortune 100 company, NYC

      Just a few weeks after closing my ‘Ex Files’ with Sarika, I met a man who looked very similar to the man I had on my vision board! After 3 years of endless dates with men I did not have any connection with, I finally met someone who made me feel butterflies again.

      7 months later, we are still going strong! Thanks Sarika! I truly believe closing my Ex Files played a huge part in meeting a man who’s caring, responsible and loving 🙂

      Tanusha, 34, NYC


      Her coaching and personalized advice helped me find the loving man of my dreams and the caring father to our little baby boy!

      I met my husband six years ago, when Sarika started her coaching practice as a love coach. She guided me through my dating process, through the ups and downs of relationships! Among the things I learnt from her coaching was that it is important to focus on loving me in order to find my true love, and to keep pursuing the things I love in order to keep the spark in me.

      Her guidance and personalized advice helped me find the loving man of my dreams and the caring father to our little baby boy! I’ve told all my single girlfriends about Sarika and that it’s never too late (or early) to seek her coaching! Sarika is a personal trainer for the heart and soul!

      Monica G.

      VP at a bank, NYC

      I am now married to my dream man, and even have a baby! Thanks to Sarika’s coaching!

      Sarika’s coaching was immensely valuable in all stages of the dating process, from developing a positive mindset, to being a sexy, fun date. Her approach was helpful in keeping me out of bad dating habits, and learn how to date effectively online. Having been through the ups and downs herself of the entire spectrum of the dating process, she provides an invaluable perspective. This, coupled with her empathy and strong communication skills, make her a fantastic coach.

      I would recommend her skills for anyone who is seriously looking for the right one! I am now married with an amazing man (and now have a baby!) and couldn’t be happier with my life. Thank you for helping make my dreams come true, Sarika!

      Smita K, NYC

      Senior manager at a tech firm, Bay Area

      I started with severe self-doubt and anxiety over my relationship. Four months later… we are now talking about getting engaged! Thank you, Sarika!

      What can I say, except that these past few months, I’ve experienced the truest and most meaningful metamorphosis I have in my life.  I learned how to love myself completely, even the ‘dark’ sides of me, and how to really cultivate a loving mindset for myself and others. I learned that I could love openly and freely, without getting hurt! And I also learned how loving myself, made me extremely magnetic to my man :)

      I am so delighted with my relationship right now!! My partner now looks at me with such deep love in his eyes. It’s quite beautiful! It makes me feel seen and cared for. With him I had the experience of feeling love like a palpable energy and it’s great. We’ve even started having conversations around getting engaged and what marriage will look like!

      To call Sarika a relationship coach is a huge understatement – she’s a master healer and combines practical and spiritual wisdom in her coaching. She knows what it means to be a spiritual warrior in the real world. I’ve already recommended several of my girlfriends to her. I’m forever grateful to her!


      Emily G, NYC

      I am excited about my journey, and have started feeling more powerful in all areas of my life. 

      I’m successful in every part of my life and work in finance – but somehow my love life has been filled with drama! I had gone through a breakup and realized I needed to work on my self-confidence and patterns. I was getting into the same casual, sexually-based, toxic relationship time and time again.  I was terrified to let go of my lovers despite the pain the relationships were causing me.

      What shifted was that I went from a lot of ideas in my head (i.e. I need to learn to love myself, I need to figure out my negative patterns and break them, I need to learn to openly communicate with my partner, I feel as though I have energy blocks that are keeping me from feeling divine and sexually awake) to actually seeing ways to take action in each of these areas! This course gave a step-by-step process to do this.

      I have done several transformational courses – and this course was by far the most comprehensive!

      I am excited about my journey, and have started feeling more powerful in all areas of my life. I’ve connected with my loving, authentic self and my purpose. I now know how to love myself on a profound level – and am ready for a healthy relationship!

      Lauren L, NYC, 41

      Break through your patterns and begin attracting healthy, lasting love today. Join Sacred Soulmate System.

      Your Investment

      Sacred Soulmate System 

      8-week Online Course + Recorded Q&A Calls + Exclusive Bonuses

      $300 (valued at $5,997)

      (Note: To make payment easier, you may apply for PayPal credit with 0% interest for 6 months)

      VIP “Sacred Soulmate System” Upgrade

      8-week Online Course + Recorded Q&A Calls + 2 60-minute coaching calls Sarika Jain + Exclusive Bonuses

      $1,270 (valued at $19,997. Offer available for limited time only!) 

      Peace of Mind Guarantee


      We’re so confident you’ll feel more authentic, feminine, joyful, and ready to attract your soulmate after taking this course, that we’re giving you a no-risk opportunity to try it out for 7 days.

      If, during the first week, the course is not resonating for you, we are happy to refund your investment.

      Just e-mail me and my team and we will refund your investment, no questions asked!

      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. "Can I complete the course at my own pace?"
      Yes – the course is made up of six fully-packed modules and bonus materials which are sent to you over an eight week period so as not to overwhelm you, but you can take as long as you like to finish each one. I designed the course to be an foundational course with easy-to-follow practices. All the information is in audio modules and worksheets, which you can access at any time, forever. That means even if you register now but are too busy to start straight away, or are traveling midway through the course, you won’t miss out on anything.
      You get access to the Orientation material as soon as you make your purchase, and there are daily meditations/exercises/affirmations for you to do. Course material will be sent live via e-mail each week, plus you have immediate access to the portal which will have all the materials. 
      2. "I live abroad, will this work for me?"
      This course has participants from around the world. Since it is virtual, you can be anywhere to access the materials. All materials are sent via e-mail, and also you have life-long access to an exclusive membership portal where your materials + bonuses will be. 
      3. "What kind of course support is there?"

      This is a self-guided program. I have also provided 1-1 coaching support to assist you in your transformation and accountability if you so desire in the VIP upgrade.

      4. "Is this discreet? Will anyone know that I am doing this?"

      This course is totally confidential. As for your questions, comments and emails: I will never reveal anything about you or anything that you share with me to anyone else, ever. 

      5. "I feel a bit nervous about this course. Does that mean I shouldn't do it?"
      Fear is a totally natural response to the Love transformation process because: 1. This is an unknown experience, 2. Your lizard brain and ego will reject this, as they prefer to be single (and unhurt!) and 3. As a woman, you’ve probably been brought up to believe that you have a certain identity as a woman, and that dating & relationship skills should come naturally, 4. Talk about love, relationships and intimacy has been banished from our educational systems and families, and 5. You’re probably afraid of actually getting what you want!

      What’s interesting is that fear lights up in the same areas as excitement in our brain. What you fear is likely where the next edge of growth is for you. “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” Jack Canfield

      The beauty about this course is that you’ll have the opportunity to face that fear, gently release it, and experience more freedom and love in it’s place! 
      6. "I can’t afford this right now. Why spend on this?"
      Simple. You put your money where your priorities are – and this is true with every decision in your life. If this course feels right to you, but you feel you can’t afford it, then I would explore, “What am I afraid of? How can I creatively approach this? What possibilities would be created if I did invest in myself in this way?” 

      The great news is, this program is currently priced to be very affordable for the value you are getting – and also, there are payment plans. Plus PayPal Credit is an option, where you don’t have to pay a dime for 6 months. Gotta love the free market! 
      7. "How much time do I need to dedicate each week?"

      There are about 60-90 minutes of content in each module and the homework takes 30-60 minutes. I suggest, at minimum, spending at least 2-3 hours a week to get the most out of the program. However, you can always take a break and start up again when you have the time. Many of the women who completed the course have said they get through one module every two weeks. Think of it like building a foundation of Self Love and well-being for your life – the more you can do, the better, but even a short practice each week can make a big difference. If you’re a busy at work, even 10 minutes of the daily practices can make you feel abundant, happy and irresistible! 

      8. "I don't feel any sexuality or passion in my life … will this course still work for me?"
      When it comes to activating sexuality and passion and reawakening sexual/happiness hormones in women, and rewiring one’s chemistry for attracting a healthy partnership, then this course brings the BEST tools and practices I have studied – which are easy to implement.

      I have seen it work so many miracles awakening the heart, intimacy, sexuality and passion of women who had long since given up. In the hundreds of women I have worked with, just the self love, sexuality and connecting to one’s purpose and desires begin awakening the inner chemistry. 

      9. "I was in an abusive relationship, or was verbally/sexually abused in the past. Can this course help me?"
      Yes, this course can help you to gently release old emotional/sexual trauma and reconnect you with your heart and body. In each module, there are practices for releasing trauma, through self-discovery tools, affirmations, meditations and physical exercises/practices. I have even shared tools on healing from exes and parental pain.

      The most powerful healing happened for me after my heartbreak, and when I got a daily practice of loving myself in an empowered way, and that’s exactly what this course does. However, depending on where you are in your process, you may also want to work with a therapist, coach or qualified guide to help support you.
      10. "I am already in a relationship, so what's in this course for me?"
      This course will help you take your understanding of yourself, and your partnership, to the next level and totally ramp up your life in general, especially if your relationship isn’t thriving the way you would like it to.
      From clearing subconscious blocks, understanding your sabotage patterns, healing any past resentments, learning new communication skills, and bringing more intimacy within yourself and your partnership – you will find greater clarity in what you desire. You will generally feel more alive, blissful and juicy in your life.
      11. "Can I do this course if I’m just coming out of a relationship?"
      Yes! This is the BEST time to do the course!  
      12. "Will this help me get my ex back?"
      If you two are meant to be together – then sure, why not! Any steps you make in terms of self love, supports you in attracting/building a healthy relationship – even if it’s with an ex. He’ll find you irresistible!  
      You will feel magnetic, and clear about whether this relationship’s right for you. You’ll feel empowered to make the right choices in your life.
      13. "I'm in therapy, how is this different?"
      I recommend all women who want to take committed action in achieving their goals to work with a coach, or take action-oriented programs. This is different and yet complementary to therapy. This course will move you FORWARD in your love life, and you can use the tools/insights to progress your therapy too!
      14. "I don't want to do this to find a man. I just want deeper spiritual connection with myself - and general well-being and happiness. Should I do this?"
      You are in the perfect place to do this course! This course will help you build better relationships is EVERY part of your life – including that with your higher self, universe, Life, God – whatever you may believe in. 
      Moreover, the practices I share are complementary to anyone’s spiritual practices – and will deepen what you are already doing.
      You will feel a deep sense of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual connection within yourself.
      Moreover, you will get rid of all your self-judgement and critical thoughts about yourself (and others) – which makes up about 90% of an average person’s thinking. Imagine the peace of mind you will experience!!
      You will feel baggage-free, lighter and more open to life – and love will flow in, versus having to struggle in the area.
      15. "What will I learn?"
      You will learn almost everything you need to know about dating, men, your own psychology, feminine and masculine balance, communication skills, sexuality, intimacy, healing, mindset, habits/patterns, and more! 
      On a practical level, you will learn how to date fearlessly and a time-saving way, and feel irresistible to love life and men – and what it takes to build a strong foundation for a lasting partnership.
      You will become ready for a relationship that fulfill you on every level – mental, physical, emotional AND spiritual.
      16. "Am I ready for this? What if I am too broken or ‘cursed’ & wonder if I really deserve True Love– will this work for me?"

      Your desire and commitment to healing & making space for healthy love are all you need to be ready.

      In the years of experience, I have learned that love desperately WANTS to enter our lives, and the only thing that’s preventing it is US. Our mind and belief systems are strong, and have been created through years of programming – through our culture, society, family & schooling systems.

      Through the power of supportive community, wisdom and healing techniques, you WILL come out of this program happier, and stronger.

      I’ve created a community of like-minded people, who will support you in making happier, healthier choices in your life – you will not go through this alone.

      17. "What if this course doesn't work for me?"
      If you participate regularly, you will absolutely see results. But, just in case … I’ve got you covered with a total money-back guarantee. No questions asked. Just let us know within 30 days of your purchase, and show me the assignments you have completed and we’ll refund you completely. I know how effective this course is, and that’s why I can offer that kind of refund policy and let you truly explore whether it’s right for you. 
      18. "I have already done Love / Relationship coaching before. Would this course benefit me?"
      Absolutely. Even within my own coaching, which keeps changing and evolving, I constantly share the most cutting-edge tools and techniques. My advice to anyone who’s single or in a relationship – keep doing these types of programs! Even if you have already coached with me in the past.
      Your life will keep improving, and you will feel greater satisfaction, balance and fulfillment, simply by being in these supportive environments.
      19. "What if I’m too busy?"

      The most important thing to remember is that the  program is designed to SAVE YOU TIME from dating in the wrong, painful way, by giving you the quickest proven path to results.

      A few women have even found ‘the one’ within the first few weeks of us working together – this is the power of intention!

      Outside of getting 1-1 coaching and healing, this is the most cost-effective, and easy-to-follow program out there! Plus, can you even afford to spend one more day unhappy and unsupported; and can you go through one more painful relationship? As I’ve learned, all the money spent on your own growth and transformation, comes back to you as blessings and healthy opportunities, nearly 10-fold! So don’t procrastinate – if your heart is telling you to do this program, resources will manifest for you.

      20. "Why are you offering this service?"

      This work in love & relationships is sacred to me. I believe we’re all meant to find our ‘soul-level’ partnership. My coaching philosophy is – you are already perfect. You don’t need to be fixed and have everything you need to be in a healthy, loving relationship.

      My mission is is for you to reach your full loving potential and fulfilment in every part of your life. I know that not everyone can afford 1:1 Coaching, at the same time, I strongly believe that there is unparalleled potential for growth and transformation through the right teachings and a community of like-minded people!

      Begin your journey of Self Love and attracting your Soulmate. Join the course today.

      Your Investment

      Sacred Soulmate System 

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      (Note: To make payment easier, you may apply for PayPal credit with 0% interest for 6 months)

      VIP “Sacred Soulmate System” Upgrade

      8-week Online Course + Recorded Q&A Calls + 2 60-minute coaching calls Sarika Jain + Exclusive Bonuses

      $1,270 (Limited time only! Valued at $19,997) 

      About Sarika Jain

      Sarika Jain is a leader in love strategy and transformational coaching. She’s been called a “Relationship Sorceress” and a modern-day alchemist. Sarika has dedicated her professional life to helping savvy and successful women heal their relationship with their inner selves and get on the path to finding love that lasts. Her unique approach encompasses everything from uncovering relationship patterns to practicing yoga, all with the goal of allowing women to live the lives they’ve dreamed about – the lives they deserve.
      Sarika can reach women like no one else because she has been where they are!

      Sarika‘s background includes training in energy healing, yoga, meditation, conscious communication, psycho-spiritual counselling and relationship coaching. She has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Pennsylvania, an MBA from The Wharton School, and has worked at Bain & Co., Merrill Lynch and the World Bank.

      Sarika lives with her husband, Krishan Patel, and three young daughters in New Jersey, and leads a playful, passionate life. For their honeymoon, they travelled to Bali for a month!

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